Quit Smoking Side Effects


 Artem Edigaryan
Quit Smoking Side Effects
Quit smoking, but snus, gave up nicotine for the first month very badly, panic attacks, stomach ache, nausea, headaches, I can't sleep at night, arrhythmia, sometimes the fever rises and falls, sometimes my back or chest hurts. Is it from this? And how long will it be like this?


Mikhail M
About 3 weeks or a month, they write. Most importantly, no more cigarettes. And the withdrawal syndrome will pass! So bad, because nicotine is also a drug and this reaction is called dependence on it. It is poison to the body. To endure for about a month, and it will become good without it, and the withdrawal syndrome will pass without consequences

Snus is a drug that causes a very strong nicotine addiction and increases the risk of developing cancer and more. You can’t even imagine what terrible consequences await you, since the drug has a devastating effect on all systems and tissues of the body. Mouth lesions occur in 99% of cases. This is due to the fact that the composition contains nitrosamines, nickel, radioactive polonium-210. Over time, cheek or gum cancer may develop.

Victor Novitsky
Breaking. Try replacing with weaker drugs: bananas, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, onions, garlic, pork, etc. Parties, women, cats, tears of tenderness, rock music, study, creativity also give a narcotic effect.

Maybe you wind yourself up, or maybe your breakage is so tough ...