How to quit smoking?


 Alexander Winner
How to quit smoking?
I don't know how to quit smoking. I smoked for 2 years earlier. Then I quit for 2 years and now I smoke again for 1.5 years. Reached 10-12 pieces a day. I understand that this is very harmful and dangerous. But how to quit? constantly a little stress - again pulling for a cigarette. now began to soar electronic. but it really helps. Yes, and electronic ones are also harmful, although not like regular cigarettes. Who has a personal successful experience of quitting smoking?


wanted happiness
you just stop buying cigarettes, and when you feel like smoking, you drink a glass of cold water

smoke for health

I used to smoke, but not so much, of course, eventually switched to wild nicotine electronics. I vape anywhere, there is practically no smell or smoke. It turns out I didn’t refuse completely, but I don’t really want to

Nikita Romanov
Once I found a cigarette in an abandoned place. Tried to smoke - choked, did not like it. Never tried again. I don't understand how cigarettes can relieve stress.

Eugene Neskazhu
Don't start ideally.

Unfortunately, all sorts of advice and all that will not help if there is no desire, or until it is pressed. When I was diagnosed with cancer by mistake, I quit, and then it turned out that it was a simple medical mistake, however, after this experience, the desire to smoke was gone

My advice will help you, but it's not accurate)
Ditch health then the incentive will appear

Adil Kazaliyev
It's complicated

Try switching to nicotine-free cigarettes like nirdosh, but in general, when you want to smoke, think about how expensive it is to buy all this

You need to quit forever, it won’t work otherwise, this is a strong drug that unexpectedly obsessively often reminds of itself, you need to seriously prepare and quit.

stas tarasov
smoked for 12 years = immediately quit. and never remembered and there were no breakages. (.AS they say) .._I think it all depends on YOUR environment .. I work in close contact with inadequate and drunk people .. You already have experience. Believe me.. Cigarette-does not calm. It makes your breathing.

Sasha Rudenko
Tip number one. (In practice, none of the friends did not check). Inhale the smoke into the mouth, start "chewing" with your teeth, then "swallow" - inhale, then exhale slowly. So three times a day, as a result of which you can easily quit. Tip number two. (Many friends confirm). Go for snuff. Harm to health is less (for others, not at all). And it's much easier to quit later.

Seanna Fate
Tried to quit smoking probably five times in 12 years. But again and again returned to the cigarette. Because it pulls, because the beast without smoking. I thought nothing would help. It turned out that there is still a tool - TabLock. I can’t even believe that in just 2 weeks I got rid of a long-term habit. And yet no discomfort. Here is all the information!

Anya Valeeva
I advise you to drink the 5-HTP complex Evalar, the remedy helped my husband. It will also improve the work of the nervous system, help to cope with addiction. It seems difficult, but when there are no reasons for stress and anxiety, you no longer want to smoke as much as before. The husband himself is glad that he was able to quit, and his sleep has also improved))

Marlen Memetov
If you haven’t quit, I’ll help you do it right, and so that you don’t suffer from the desire to smoke. And it usually takes less than an hour. Contact.