How to quit smoking?

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 Maxim Maximov
How to quit smoking?


Funny Valentine
Play DotA, there will be another addiction

✬◦°˚°◦. ȶɦɛ aʏʐɛʀ .◦°˚°◦✬
Silently take and throw

Arthur Pirozhkov

Danil Brando
don't smoke instead blow balloons

Mr. 404
each time instead of a cigarette take an apple

Cryptex Cryptexian
When I don’t smoke at home, I smoke like that for work, while I’m sitting at home on vacation I don’t smoke, I hope I’ll quit. Take care of the rocking chair.

motivation + nicorette chewing gum + sweets

The wig helped me. all my life I walked with a pacifier and a glass, and one day this poison called a cigarette became across my throat, I suffered for a couple of days, the inhale-exhale reflex, what to do with it? Neighbor boy advised vape. I spent 4-5 thousand on iJast and liquid ... in general, for a month my throat got used to the steam and learned to soar, then for a couple of months it covered everything around with clouds, and then I put it on the window and forgot about it ... yes, there is a box ... )

Anton Fedorov
That's such a difficult question. I smoke heavily and can't imagine life without it.

Lanskaya Olga
My husband also quit and could not, often broke down. I tried everything and to no avail, until I drank the Evalar complex with a course of 5-HTP. He became less stressed and anxious, and therefore he did not particularly want to smoke. Already a month in the eyeballs and everything is fine, and the mood has improved))

Marlen Memetov
If you haven't quit, I'll help you do it right. So that they do not suffer from the desire to smoke in the future, because it is because of this that they usually start smoking again sooner or later. The consultation usually lasts no more than an hour. Contact.