What would you recommend to quit smoking?


What would you recommend to quit smoking?
Initially, I started with disposable puffers, now I switched to a sub-system and thought, why do I need this? Advice on how to quit, no replacements, nicotine patches and so on. I also wanted to ask, if I do less heavy than before and reduce the dose of nicotine, then I can quit like that?


tabex, after 20 days afobazole .. and after 2 months, if necessary, again tabex 1-2 tablets per day.

The only really working way is to realize that you don't need it and just stop smoking.

april bae
Just stop smoking, I'm at the same stage as you right now

Toni Kopylenko
You have to quit everything. Any crap like patch pills won't help.

Sergei Sidorenko
I threw it several times without this scam, all this only interferes. Experience 30 years. You need to learn not to think about it and not suffer, oh, how hard it is for me) you just quit and that's it.

Sveta Ivanova
You take it and leave it, if you wanted to, you would. You need willpower and a little patience, the first three days or a week will be difficult without cigarettes, but then it will be much easier. There are two opinions that you need to sharply and not sharply, but in fact, if you quit, then immediately

Who does not smoke and does not drink, He will die healthy ....

Two books by Alain Carr - the easy way, and the only way to quit smoking. Without a guarantee of course, but they help a lot.